Provo Water in Turks & Caicos chooses SETflow™ for wireless remote disconnect/connect & prepayment solution

February 1, 2016

TURKS & CAICOS – Smart Earth Technologies (SET), a leading edge technology and services company dedicated to creating efficiencies for the water utility industry, announced today that Provo Water Limited of Turks & Caicos has selected Smart Earth’s SETflow™ Valve Control Platform as their wireless remote disconnect/connect solution. Provo will use the SETflow™ Platform in conjunction with the Itron 100w+ radio and the SmartGridCIS pre-payment platform in order to offer a prepayment option to their customers, eliminate expensive truck rolls and minimize the time between a request for disconnect/connect and completion.

By installing the SETflow™ Platform in all of their service locations Provo will be able to offer remote prepayment to their customers eliminating truck rolls entirely and reducing exposure to non revenue water. Provo Water will reduce costs and accelerate time to completion when disconnects/connects are required.

“SET’s Itron connected wireless water valve will enable Provo Water to be one of the only water utilities in the World to offer a prepayment option to their customers along with a remote disconnect/reconnect solution,” said David Duncan, CEO and co-founder of SET. ​“The SETflow™ Platform was designed to help utilities who roll service trucks often to turn these traditional cost centers into profit centers. The SETflow™ Platform allows water utilities to dramatically reduce truck rolls associated with the disconnect/connect of water service lines through either the Itron Choice Connect solution or through the SET cellular solution.”

About Smart Earth Technologies

Smart Earth Technologies (SET) is a leading edge technology and services company dedicated to creating efficiencies for the water utility industry with leading edge technology.  SET provides a software/hardware platform with SETflow™ Valve Control that enables utilities to eliminate costly truck rolls by installing a Smart Valve in service locations that can be remotely controlled over the internet using a common cellular connection or 3rd party AMI network. SET is dedicated to creating efficiencies by using leading edge technology for the water utility industry. Learn more at:

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