The SETflow™ Valve Control Platform is a software and hardware platform designed to create greater efficiency, control and convenience for delivering water to utility customers.


SETflow™ Valve Control Mobile App

Smartphone app used to monitor and control your Smart Flow devices.

*Compatible with any iOS compatible device utilizing Bluetooth 4.0

SETflow™ Handheld Controller

Apple iPod with the Valve Control app pre-installed.

SETflow™ 100 Smart Valves

Wireless remote shutoff valve available in 2 models:
1. SETflow 100 = Bluetooth + Itron 100W + AMI
2. SETflow 100C = Bluetooth + Cellular

SETflow™ Enterprise Cloud

The Enterprise Cloud software platform, accessible from any web browser, allows you to monitor and control* your SETFlow Smart Valves installed in the field. The Enterprise Cloud monitors geo-location, valve position, tampering, RSSI, and battery levels alerting you when any valve issues occur.

* The Enterprise Control function requires use of the SETFlow 100C Cellular Smart Valve or any compatible 3rd party AMI system.

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