Q: Where can I install the SET Smart Valve?

A: The SET Smart Valve can be installed on any water service line. The valve connection options include ½” – 1”. Couplers are available where needed.

Q: Can anyone control the Smart Valve with an iPhone or iPod?

A: No. Only those handheld devices, including iPhones and iPods that are registered in our system will be able to control a valve.

Q: Can anyone download the SETflow handheld application?

A: No. Only persons that have purchased a Smart Valve will be given the secure online link to install the SETflow Mobile application.

Q: How far away from the Smart Valve can I be to control it?

A: The distance you can be between your handheld and the Smart Valve will be determined by the environment you are controlling the valve in. In general, you can expect at least 30 feet, and even up to 100 feet in those environments where there are minimal obstructions (ie. walls, buildings, hills, etc.).

Q: Can I control my Smart Valve over the Internet?

A: Yes. SET will be introducing the Cellular AMI Smart Valve in the summer of 2015. With this Smart Valve you will be able to control your valve, or multiple valves, using your iPhone device, or through our secure SETflow Enterprise Cloud web portal.

Q: Can I install the Smart Valve, or do I need to call a plumber?

A: The valve can be installed very easily by anyone with basic plumbing skills, however, we recommend you contact a professional if you have any doubts you can successfully complete the installation.

Q: How long will the battery that controls the Smart Valve motor last?

A: The Smart Valve battery is designed to last up to 15 years, depending upon usage.

Q: Will the Smart Valve fail if it gets wet?

A: No. The Smart Valve is IP68, which means it can live underwater if this is required.

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