Take Control, and Get SET!

Water utilities around the world use the SETflow water management platform to help them better manage their meter-to-cash operations and to take control of their non-revenue water. Read water meters remotely with our meter-agnostic solution.

SET Systems

SETflow radios and valves provide water utilities with all of the technology they need to deliver advanced meter reading, and residential or commercial valve control.

SET Software

SETflow meter data and billing solutions are the backbone of the SET platform, and the key to your water utilities Meter-to-Cash operation and Non-Revenue water challenges.

SET Services

Whether you need on-site device installation, data systems integration, or a full outsourced back-office solution, you will be ready to go with the SET services team.


Smart Water Analytics Just Got Better—and Did We Mention it's Free?
Let’s face it, public water utilities everywhere are cash poor. You need help getting your smart water network built which is why we don’t charge for our basic SETflow meter data management software, and never will.
Water utilities don’t need a smart water network, or even smart water meters, to use SETflow. We take away the risk of deploying a smart water system through our no-fee software model. Just give us your old meter data and we will help you build the water network you always wanted!


LTE-M Cellular: Because AT&T and Verizon know wireless infrastructure.
The big telcos have invested billions of dollars in cellular infrastructure to make sure you can receive that text message, make that call, or send that picture.
These companies have to ensure network reliability for hundreds of millions of people and have much more to lose than the providers of proprietary fixed wireless networks if you can’t control your meters or valves. With new cellular LTE-M radio technology included in all SET systems, water utilities now receive the same battery and warranty commitments that the private-licensed manufacturers offer.