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  • SET Announces Groundbreaking Solar Boost Technology

    Carlsbad, CA -February 2, 2023 - Smart Earth Technologies (SET) announced today the launch and expansion of their new 330 Product Series featuring solar technology that extends the endpoint battery to a full 20-year life span without compromising environmental durability. “Consistent with our legacy of innovation, SET is the first to offer a battery based […]

  • CrescoNet Announces Full Product Portfolio Shift to SET

    Carlsbad, CA -January 19, 2023 - CrescoNet announced today they will consolidate electric and gas solutions and operations under the Smart Earth Technologies (SET) brand. CrescoNet acquired SET in July of 2021 and has determined the integration of electric, gas, and water solutions into a common offering will provide the best outcome to its utility […]

  • Ovilla TX Awards AMI Project to Smart Earth Technologies  

    Carlsbad, CA – August 26, 2022 – Smart Earth Technologies has been selected as the competitive bid winner to deliver Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to the City of Ovilla, Texas. SET’s software leadership and unique ability to deliver instant AMI without requiring construction and maintenance of a proprietary network significantly accelerates the City’s business case benefits. […]

  • CrescoNet Announces Brookfield Investment

    Carlsbad, CA – May 19, 2022 - CrescoNet today announced that Brookfield has taken a stake in the company. Brookfield is one of the world’s largest owners and operators of critical infrastructure networks, which facilitate the movement and storage of energy, water, freight, passengers, and data.  The Brookfield investment equity will be used to accelerate […]

  • Cherokee, OK Selects SET Smart Water Solution

    Smart Earth Technologies (SET) and the City of Cherokee, OK jointly announced the selection of the SET LTE/5G cellular AMI solution for the City’s water metering infrastructure. The City cited SET’s cost certainty, and SET’s unique ability to integrate with multiple meter brands as the reasons for selection. However, the top benefit is recurring operation […]

  • Colton, CA Selects SET as Smart Water Solution

    Smart Earth Technologies (SET) and the City of Colton, CA jointly announced the selection of the SET cellular AMI solution as the choice for the City’s largescale mass deployment of their water metering infrastructure.  Due to SET’s unique ability to integrate with multiple meter brands and leverage pre-existing cellular communications, the City of Colton will […]

  • New, Massively Scalable Cloud Software Architecture Unveiled

    Smart Earth Technologies (SET) today announced production availability of its modern, massively-scalable, industry-standards-based, and secure cloud software architecture.  Existing and new SET water utility customers will immediately benefit from marked improvements in reliability, performance, scalability, extensibility, and usability. SET architecture improvements include: Concurrent, parallel application pipelining that distributes SET applications for meter reading, mapping, reporting, […]

  • SET AMI Water Solution Wins Maquoketa, IA

    Smart Earth Technologies (SET) announces the selection of the SET Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution by the City of Maquoketa, IA. Alliance Water Resources, the City’s contract water and wastewater operations provider conducted the SET pilot project. Alliance found SET successfully performed in the city’s challenging terrain where other systems had under performed. “I was […]

  • Southwest Water Authority Selects Smart Earth Technologies

    Southwest Water Authority of North Dakota today announced selection of the Smart Earth Technologies for deployment of their massively-rural, thirty-three community drinking water system.  Leveraging SET’s unique ability to integrate with existing water meters and existing cellular networks, Southwest Water will derive best-of-class AMI business case benefits by sidestepping traditional costs and delays associated with […]

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