Installation, Configuration, and Support

Technology on its own doesn't solve problems. People do. Our suite of services ensures you unlock the most value out of your hardware and software investments. Whether you need help installing new systems, integrating data between various software pieces, or better training your team, we're available to help.

Installation and Configuration

Our best-in-class MDMS is the only zero-cost, meter agnostic data management solution in the water utiltiy market.

Data System Integration

The SETflow Customer Information System shares a data platform with the rest of the SET software suite for a complete meter-to-cash offering.

Training and Support

Our customer engagement solution helps end-users better manage their water, protect their property, and self-serve on common utility questions.

SET Services help you make the most of your technology investments.

Our complete suite of services ensures that all of your data systems work well together and that your teams understand how to generate ongoing value from your investments.

To transform water utility operations with innovative business models and advanced technology solutions.

Thomas Kincaid – General Manager

When our water utility was evaluating AMI vendors, SET checked all the boxes at the lowest cost. The free meter data management solution was just icing on the cake.

Thomas Kincaid
General Manager

Liz James – Collections Manager

Collections efforts have been far more successful since we moved to SETflow CIS. The automated reminder treatments send emails to customers automatically, shortening our average days-to-pay.

Liz James
Collection Manager

John Williams – General Manager

Now we are on SETflow CIS we don’t have headaches at the end of each month. Automated billing and reminders kick in and my job is done. This gives me more time to grow my business.

John Williams
General Manager

Kim Smith – Billing Manager

SETflow CIS has enabled my team to spend more time streamlining our business as customers largely help themselves using the great customer portal we now offer. Thanks SET!

Kim Smith
Billing Manager