You're Never On Your Own. SET is Here to Help.

Purchasing hardware or software does not, on its own, solve any utility problem. In fact, facing the use of new technology without support from your chosen vendor can create more hassle and costs than the original problem.


Having a trusted partner to assist your utility with the installation and deployment of new hardware is a key step to unlocking the value of any investment. That is why SET offers complete installation and deployment services along with the purchase of any of our systems.

SET | Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for Electric, Gas, Water

Getting the Help You Need

Installation of new endpoints or remote valves can often be performed by existing utility field staff, but having the support of an experienced team can increase deployment speed and reduce errors and rework. Also, physically installing the hardware is just part of the project. Each item in the system needs to be configured and tested to ensure expected functionality.


SET can provide turn-key installation services for a small fee, or as part of the normal cost of our systems, train and support your existing staff on the installation and configuration of our systems. Like most things, once you’ve performed a task once or twice you understand the basic process, but getting up the learning curve can be accelerated with the support of a knowledgeable and experienced partner.

Installation Support

To make the installation and configuration process even easier SET offers a free SET Field Mobile application. This easy-to-use Android app guides field staff through the installation process, allows for image documentation and verification of installation, and provides wireless configuration tools to read endpoint and remote valve data, set wake-up intervals, and check battery status.


For more detail on our best practices for system field installation and configuration, download our Field Installation Guide.

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