Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need smart meters to use the SETflow MDMS?
Absolutely not. The SETflow MDMS is designed to provide powerful analytics, reporting, and alerting from any meter, regardless of the data collection interval. We can also integrate a variety of mixed interval consumption data in the event that your utiltiy has a blend of manual read meters, mobile read meters with daily consumption data, and a few smart meters delivering consumption data hourly.


If you are giving away the MDMS for free, how does SET make money?
SET offers a wide variety of products and services from AMI Endpoints, to Remote Smart Valves, to Customer Information and Billing software, to professional data integration services. We believe so strongly in our suite of solutions that we give away our MDMS in the hope that you will pay for one of our other products.


How does the SETflow MDMS compare to other meter data management systems in the water industry?
The SETflow MDMS is simply the best water meter data software system available anywhere in the world. We offer insightful analytic reports, district meter area reporting, consumption trending and comparisons, and system health alerting, In addition, the SETflow MDMS is also a master control and monitoring system for our Remote Smart Valves which allows your utility to wirelessly control water services to rural, high-turnover, or frequently delinquent customers. This offering also provides the opportunity to offer pre-paid water services without the need to roll trucks or employ field staff to connect or disconnect water services.


How do I get my existing meter and billing information into the SETflow MDMS?
It’s simple to get your historical meter and billing data into the SETflow MDMS. The most common approach is to export this information from your existing data systems to a standard, comma-delimited data file and then import it into the SETflow MDMS using our built-in file upload tool. More advanced approaches use an Application Programming Interface to programmatically push or pull data between systems. For more information on the best approach for your utility, reach out to learn more about our data system integration services.


How does the SETflow MDMS help me address non-revenue water?
The SETflow MDMS can be configured to analyze water consumption by district metering area (DMA). You can use our graphical mapping tools to identify particular meters or endpoints that fall within a specific geographic area or DMA. Our analytics tools then allow you to compare water consumption with existing production data to identify where real or apparent water losses may be occurring. This allows your utility to prioritize system investigation or repairs based on the severity of the potential losses. For a more detailed overview of our NRW solutions, we suggest you schedule a personalized product demonstration.


Can I use the SETflow MDMS without the SETflow CIS?
Of course! You can use whatever billing or customer information you prefer, as long as you can export the required data fields for integration with the SETflow MDMS. Of course, if you do choose to work with the SETflow CIS, you’ll find that the integration and data transfer between the CIS and MDMS is pre-configured, saving you the work of exporting data from your existing billing system. In any case, we can help you figure out the details.


Why is SET willing to give away AMI Endpoints at no cost?
We understand that many utilities want the power of smart metering, but can’t afford the expense of implementing a proprietary fixed-wireless network. We are so confident that you will see incredible value from the combination of our cellular AMI Endpoints and our MDMS, that you’ll make it a priority to gradually upgrade to our Advanced Metering Infrastructure over time. Therefore, we want to help you see the benefits of AMI as soon as possible by getting you started with a handful of our endpoints. It’s an age-old strategy of giving you a little for free with the goal of selling you more down the road. We take a long-view for our business and our utility relationships, so why not try it out. It’s on us! 

Learn how the zero-cost SETFlow MDMS can help you meet your utiltiy management goals!