The Complete Meter-to-Cash Platform for Water Utilities

Data Acquisition and Management

Reliably capturing and managing meter data can be a challenge. Our meter-agnostic hardware and software platform makes this process a breeze. Retrofit nearly any existing meter to deliver information in real-time for better decision making and more reliable billing operations.

Customer Information and Billing

Getting information from the meter collection system to the customer information system can be difficult. SETflow CIS is integrated with the meter data system to ensure reliable billing and fewer customer complaints. No more painful, third-party integrations.

Non-Revenue Water

Non-revenue water is a growing challenge for many water suppliers. SET has a suite of hardware and software solutions to help identify, prioritize, and remediate real and apparent water losses. Identify losses by meter district and proactively address important problems.

Take Control with SETflow Enterprise Cloud

The water industry’s only integrated data management platform. Hardware. Software. Services. Everything you need to ensure financial stability.

Benefits of Smart Water Management with SET

No Infrastructure Required

Take advantage of the billions of dollars that Verizon and AT&T have spent building out vast wireless networks. They spent the money so you don't have to.

Make Every Meter Smart

Why upgrade your meters if you don't have to? Nearly any existing meter can be retrofit with our cellular AMI end-points.

One-Time Fees

SET offerings are inclusive of all costs for the lifetime of the solution. Only pay once and enjoy benefits for a lifetime!


Our remote shut-off valves and cellular endpoints have been through the ringer in the field. Seriously hardend by years of experience, you can focus on operations, not repairs.


We design our hardware and software solutions with utility staff in mind. Simple installation, maintenance, and user experience are the guideposts we live by.

Seamless Integration

SET offers the only end-to-end hardware and software solution for all your utility management needs. No more painful and costly integration of multiple systems. You get it all with SET.

To transform water utility operations with innovative business models and advanced technology solutions.

Alistair Sinclair – Meter Operations Supervisor

We wanted all the benefits of smart meters, but didn’t want to invest in new wireless infrastructure. SETs cellular AMI met our needs and allows us to grow our system over time as budgets allow.

Alistair Sinclair
Meter Operations Supervisor

Thomas Kincaid – General Manager

When our water utility was evaluating AMI vendors, SET checked all the boxes at the lowest cost. The free meter data management solution was just icing on the cake.

Thomas Kincaid
General Manager

Liz James – Collections Manager

Collections efforts have been far more successful since we moved to SETflow CIS. The automated reminder treatments send emails to customers automatically, shortening our average days-to-pay.

Liz James
Collection Manager

John Williams – General Manager

Now we are on SETflow CIS we don’t have headaches at the end of each month. Automated billing and reminders kick in and my job is done. This gives me more time to grow my business.

John Williams
General Manager

Kim Smith – Billing Manager

SETflow CIS has enabled my team to spend more time streamlining our business as customers largely help themselves using the great customer portal we now offer. Thanks SET!

Kim Smith
Billing Manager

Maya Keller – Utility Operations Manager

Working with SET was easy and straightforward. Their solution is unlike any other on the market. There is really no reason to look anywhere else!

Maya Keller
Utility Operations Manager

Ron Turner

The SETflow MDMS district metering area analytical tools are some of the best in the business. I can now easily identify water balance per DMA in an easy-to-use, graphical interface.

Ron Turner
Utilities Supervisor

Chris Booker – Information Systems Manager

The ability to expand our AMI system by simply adding new endpoint enabled remote valves brings the flexibility and cost certainty we are looking for.

Chris Booker
Information System Manager

Cora Malcolm – Customer Service Manager

SET has been transformational. We’ve gone from a totally manual system to an automated system that allows for remote shut-offs and automated meter readings.

Cora Malcolm
Customer Service Manager