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Improve Revenue Collection and Reduce Water Payment Delinquencies with Smart Water Solutions from SET

Like many other elements of the meter-to-cash process, reliable data transfer between billing and payment systems is very important to ensure accurate and timely delivery of information and collection of revenue. Since many utilities have multiple vendors that each service a different aspect of the process, integration of these systems can lead to headaches from data errors which leads to additional costs.

Improve Collections Reliability

Reliable bill collection is the engine that drives utility operations. It is important to accurately present bill information for metered water use and consistent collect payment from end-use customers. Billing errors, difficult to read bills, and hard to access payment channels can all lead to challenges in establishing a reliable revenue stream to fund your operations.

Meet Modern Customer Demands

As customer expectations for digital access to important information continues to rise, water utilities will benefit from adapting their internal systems and processes to help meet new customer demands. Presenting billing information in easy-to-understand, digital format makes access easier. By offering payment over several different channels, it is easier for customers to pay their water bill on time.

Go Online and Go Paperless

Electronic bill presentment and payment takes your utility's service delivery and collections efficiency to new heights. A suite of services that allow for the digital distribution of billing information and multiple ways to pay helps improve revenue collection and reduces payment delinquencies. SET has a complete EBPP solution to meet any utility need.

About SET

SET is the water industry’s only provider of complete meter data acquisition and management solutions. We offer remote shut-off valves, cellular AMI endpoints, and integrated meter data management, customer portal, and billing software.
Get Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Liz James – Collections Manager

Collections efforts have been far more successful since we moved to SETflow CIS. The automated reminder treatments send emails to customers automatically, shortening our average days-to-pay.

Liz James
Collection Manager

John Williams – General Manager

Now we are on SETflow CIS we don’t have headaches at the end of each month. Automated billing and reminders kick in and my job is done. This gives me more time to grow my business.

John Williams
General Manager

Kim Smith – Billing Manager

SETflow CIS has enabled my team to spend more time streamlining our business as customers largely help themselves using the great customer portal we now offer. Thanks SET!

Kim Smith
Billing Manager