Collect Water Meter Data Remotely and Reliably

We understand that utility folks are interested in smart metering, but have a hard time justifying the cost of meter upgrades and proprietary fixed-network technologies. Well, there is now a solution that allows you to enhance your existing meters with smart radios that transmit over existing mobile telephone networks like AT&T and T-Mobile. This means you can get AMI without the need to invest in new meters or fancy network equipment.

Reliable, Hourly Data

SET provides a complete hardware and software solution that collects and transmits hourly meter data. The SET solution works with the water utility's existing, installed base meters and generates a consumption file that is integrated with the existing billing system.

Remote Valve Control

SET also provides smart water valves to remotely turn water off and on for pre-paid water services, or to address customers who are delinquent in paying their bills. Never roll a truck to disable water service again.

Actionable Analytics

The SET MDMS offers a powerful analytics package to help understand the health of your smart meter endpoints, where leaks may be occurring, and the status of remote shut-off valves throughout the system.


This complete meter data collection and management system is the first of its kind in the water industry. SET combines the best hardware and software in a single platform to deliver all the benefits of a smart water network without the cost and hassle of setting up and managing a proprietary fixed wireless network.

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Maya Keller – Utility Operations Manager

Working with SET was easy and straightforward. Their solution is unlike any other on the market. There is really no reason to look anywhere else!

Maya Keller
Utility Operations Manager