Reduce Water Losses and Recover Revenue

Non-revenue water is a real problem for many water utilities. Real and apparent losses account for over 30% of all water produced by suppliers globally. This not only means significant amounts of lost revenue, but also inefficient use of our most precious resource.

We understand that getting a handle on these losses can be daunting. While it's not practical to identify and fix every leak through your water distribution system, it is possible to begin to place sensors in specific locations throughout your system. This provides better visibility into where losses are occurring and which ones are the largest and thus most urgent to address.

SET offers a number of solutions to help you better understand the nature of your water losses, prioritize repair efforts, and simplify water balance reporting. These solutions can be implemented in a staged, cost-effective manner to make sure your NRW mitigation efforts align with your budgets and human resources.

DMA Analysis

By implementing wireless endpoints or remote smart valves within district metered areas (DMAs), utility managers can see the difference between water inputs and outputs in each section of the distribution system. Prioritize repair efforts and monitor system health through the SETflow MDMS.

Leak Alerting

Using interval data from wireless sensors allows the SETflow MDMS to identify low volume links and send notifications to utility staff and end-use customers. By prioritizing system leaks, utility managers can prioritize repair projects and dramatically reduce losses before they become major problems.

Apparent Loss Detection

The SET meter data management system offers a powerful analytics package to help understand the health of your smart meter endpoints, where leaks may be occurring throughout your water distribution network, and the status of remote shut-off valves throughout the system.

AWWA M36 Water Balance Chart

Water Balance Reporting

Understanding how much water you produce, how much is billed for, and how much is lost is the first step to getting your NRW under control. A water audit is only as good as the input data you can provide which is why you need to implement sensoring throughout your distribution system to measure what is going where. SET specializes in data acquisition and management and can help you better understand and prioritize your NRW programs.

Take Control of Your NRW

James Kuykendall

With SET’s software leadership, and intelligent cellular infrastructure, the City of Ovilla has already started residential installations. We skipped the headache and cost of time-consuming permitting and construction of collector networks.

James Kuykendall
Public Works Director