The Best in Customer Self-Service and Satisfaction

The modern customer has come to expect a certain level of service from their water provider. This includes the ability to get detailed information about water consumption, set leak notifications for delivery over email or SMS, and find answers to commonly asked questions. In addition, it is no longer sufficient to just offer these services online, but they also have to be available over a mobile device.


SET offers a premium Customer Portal that includes all the important features that end-use customer expect from their service provider. See an overview of the portal homepage below:

SETflow Customer Portal
SETflow Customer Portal

Customer Portal Features

The SET Customer Portal has a bunch of useful features that will help engage customers, improve payment performance, reduce service costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Consumption Graphing

By displaying water use information in easy-to-understand charts, customers see exactly how much water they are using in a given period of time. This helps them manage their water spend, but can also answer questions about high bills which reduces customer support calls.


Curious to see how your water use compares with a similar household in your neighborhood? SET Customer Portal offers customers the chance to see how they rank relatively to others in a specific area or based on household size. This can improve consumption knowledge and increase more efficient water use.

Usage Alerts

We have a lot of information about water use, so we allow end-use customers the ability to set alerts and notifications that are delivered over email or SMS. Customers can set alerts for possible leaks, vacation, flow, and cold weather. This helps them take control of their water use and protect their property from water damage (or frozen pipes in the winter).

Utility News

Your utility probably has a lot of things you want to communicate to your customers. Rate changes, water quality reports, rebate programs, scheduled services, and community events. The Customer Portal is a convenient place to display this information for easier access and improved communication.

Bill Information

See your amount due, past due amounts, and a pdf version of the actual bill. By driving customers to paperless billing options, water utilities can save up to $7 per year per customer account and accelerate bill payment for more reliable cash flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Customer Portal is the perfect place to answer questions that are typically handled by a customer service representative. Put the answers in the hands of your customers for improved convenience and lower service costs.

MDM Integration

One of the great benefits of the SET Customer Portal is that it displays water consumption data and alerts directly from the SET MDMS. This means that there is no third-party integration work or additional costs required to ‘wire’ the Customer Portal to the meter data management system.


Also, this integration means consumption information is displayed in the Customer Portal at the same interval that water data is collected from the meter (i.e. hourly, daily, etc.).

To learn more about our self-service and customer engagement solutions, or to schedule a demonstration of the SET Customer Portal, just reach out.