Install and Provision Devices with Ease

SET Mobile Field App is a wireless workforce provisioning application to aid in the deployment, configuration, and management of all SET hardware including cellular Smart Valves, and Endpoints.

This easy-to-use smart phone application allows field staff to install cellular valves and endpoints and then immediately provision all devices from their mobile device. Because all of our systems are fitted with cellular, bluetooth, and wifi radios, you can access device statistics, and configuration parameters from your mobile device at the installation site, or remotely from the comfort of your office.


In the case of a remote cellular valve system, field staff can easily control valve settings from the SET Field Mobile application without the need for lifting meter lids or needing access to customer property to turn services on or off.

SETflow Field Mobile Application


  • Full integration with SET MDMS provides secure mobile water service provisioning and control
  • Take pictures of installed valves/meters
  • Take notes of installed valves/meters
  • Associate Premise ID’s with all valves/meters
  • Control valves in the field
  • Control valves using Cellular networks
  • Read meters either onsite or over the cellular network from the utility offices

Easily access the SET Field Mobile application from your Smart Phone App Store.