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AMI Software Solution

Any utility that is contemplating upgrading to smart metering is going to need a software platform to help manage the flood of incoming data. The traditional role of a Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is to store interval meter data, provide a view into critical data analytics, and generate billing files from consumption information to send to the utility billing system. SET’s award winning Head End System (HES) software – SETflow – does all this, and much more.

SETflow - Dashboard


The SETflow Dashboard provides a snapshot of the status all critical system information in a single view. This view may be customized to display only the most important details relevant to each user. Track meter reading errors, system alarms, valve status, water consumption by metering district, or create a custom watchlist to track just the devices that are important to you.


The SETflow geospatial mapping allows utility staff to view the location of all field assets by district metering area. This view also allows for device health tracking to understand where system failures may occur and how to deploy field staff to proactively address potential issues before they become emergencies.

SETflow - Map View

Device Detail

Clicking any device icon on the map pops-up a list of device details including battery level, valve status, meter status, consumption reads, metering groups, device configuration parameters, and much more. This view is the heart of SETflow and gives utility operators fine-tuned visibility and control of every aspect of the smart water network.


SETflow has a rich reporting and analytics engine that provides your utility with insights to better manage your water system. Enroll in report subscriptions to have daily or weekly insights pushed right to your inbox. Reports may also be easily exported for offline analysis or use with business intelligence tools.

Sample Report List

  • Meter Consumption – Full history available
  • Device Alerts – Meters, valves, and sensors
  • Meter Change Outs – Visually track meter replacements
  • Battery Monitor – Track battery levels for all devices
  • Non-Revenue Water – Identify potential water losses by DMA

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