The Premier Cloud Billing Platform for Water Utilities

An easy-to-use and reliable billing system is the cornerstone of any water business. The ability to coordinate meter reads, bill file creation, accurate bill delivery, and consistent payment collection makes up the critical meter-to-cash process. SETflow Billing is a key element in this process and, like all SETflow products, is tightly integrated with our Meter Data Management and Customer Portal and Electronic Payment solutions for a total, end-to-end solution.

SETflow Billing Platform

Powerful CIS

A single system-of-record is the basis for all billing and customer service functions. Find and keep track of your customers, your meters, and your payments in one convenient location over the internet and on your browser. Get to know your customers better.

Rate Flexibility

One of the most comprehensive billing engines in the water business, SETflow CIS bills and rates millions of records every day. Support tiered, budget, fixed, and even pre-paid billing options to meet the needs of you and your customers with ease.

Customized Invoices

Put your best foot forward with your own branding and bill formatting. Fast and incredibly easy to create with our integrated WYSISYG editor. For those with a design team, you’ll be amazed at the quality and readability of customer bills. You can try it out now – for free!

Paperless Billing

Paperless billing is a standard option in our platform. You get the benefit of flexible HTML or PDF presentation which allows you to design bill presentation in a manner that is easy to understand and reduces customer service calls.

Meter Readings

Since the SETflow CIS integrates seamlessly with the SETflow MDMS, you’ll never have to worry about data or billing accuracy and your customer service team will have instant access to all consumption and billing detail.

Reminders and Alerts

Automated reminders means no more manual process to chase delinquent accounts. The SETflow CIS automatically sends out soft reminders, hard reminders and disconnection notices so you can focus on running your critical water operations.


Everyone needs Application Programming Interfaces to enable data exchange and automation between disparate systems. We have over 500 documented APIs which allows us to easily integrate with third party payment, work order management, and meter data systems.

Print Integration

Even in the 21st century, some customers will still want paper bills. With SETflow CIS you can choose to either send the bills automatically by email or send them to a print/mail vendor to generate the bill and insert into envelopes for snail mail. Don’t have a print vendor? We have partners who can make it happen seamlessly.


Liz James – Collections Manager

Collections efforts have been far more successful since we moved to SETflow CIS. The automated reminder treatments send emails to customers automatically, shortening our average days-to-pay.

Liz James
Collection Manager

John Williams – General Manager

Now we are on SETflow CIS we don’t have headaches at the end of each month. Automated billing and reminders kick in and my job is done. This gives me more time to grow my business.

John Williams
General Manager

Kim Smith – Billing Manager

SETflow CIS has enabled my team to spend more time streamlining our business as customers largely help themselves using the great customer portal we now offer. Thanks SET!

Kim Smith
Billing Manager

To learn more about our advanced water billing and payment solutions or to schedule a demonstration of the SETflow CIS, just reach out.