Data Acquisition and Control Systems for Water Suppliers

SET manufactures a series of water meter data acquisition and control devices from our ISO 9011 rated facility located in the USA. These meter-neutral cellular devices allow water suppliers to capture interval consumption data as well as to control water flow for a variety of beneficial applications. To learn more about our systems take a look at the details of our product lines below.

AMI Endpoints

Our meter-agnostic cellular endpoints make capturing and managing water data a breeze. Retrofit nearly any existing meter to deliver real-time information for improved operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Remote Smart Valves

Remote valve control allows water utility managers to reduce costs, protect worker safety, and implement prepaid water services. No other solution on the market provides the flexibility and revenue reliability as SET.

How can SET Systems help your water utility?

Meter automation and valve control is now both easy to implement and cost-effective. Request a product demonstration to learn more about how our systems can benefit you today.

To transform water utility operations with innovative business models and advanced technology solutions.

Kim Smith – Billing Manager

SETflow CIS has enabled my team to spend more time streamlining our business as customers largely help themselves using the great customer portal we now offer. Thanks SET!

Kim Smith
Billing Manager

Chris Booker – Information Systems Manager

The ability to expand our AMI system by simply adding new endpoint enabled remote valves brings the flexibility and cost certainty we are looking for.

Chris Booker
Information System Manager

Cora Malcolm – Customer Service Manager

SET has been transformational. We’ve gone from a totally manual system to an automated system that allows for remote shut-offs and automated meter readings.

Cora Malcolm
Customer Service Manager

Mary Massad – Manager/CEO

We were immediately attracted to Smart Earth Technologies’ modern, cellular, standards-based approach… SET has delivered on their promises to reduce our AMI capital outlay, and deliver exciting recurring operating savings…

Mary Massad