Wireless Water Valve Control

Enabling or disabling water services for new or delinquent customers is a time consuming process. Field staff typically need to drive to the customer location and manually turn the water valve on or off. This takes valuable time away from urgent maintenance projects and adds costs to water operations.


By implementing a remote shut-off valve using existing cellular networks, utility staff reduce truck rolls, decrease unauthorized water consumption, and improve revenue collection. SET is the only technology provider in the water utility industry to offer a meter-neutral shut-off valve that may be selectively deployed on remote or high-turnover accounts.


SET’s remote smart valve also includes the same radio platform as our AMI Endpoints meaning the device can function as a wireless meter reading system as well as a remote valve control solution.



The SET Remote Smart Valve utilizes a durable chrome plated ball valve shutoff system that is controlled by a lithium battery powered motor. The motor and gear system are guaranteed to perform for 20 years in the field without error or corrosion.


The lithium battery provides up to 20 years of remote valve control and is contained within a potted solution, providing IP68 protection from water intrusion. The minimal mechanical functions of the SET Remote Smart Valve allows for quick and flexible installation options by adding only 2 additional inches to your standard lay lengths.

Network Communications

Two-Way LTE-M Cellular, and Bluethooth 5.0. The radio and electronics in the valve utilize the endpoint communication platform allowing the smart valve to function as an AMI endpoint as well.


Like all SET hardware products, the SET Remote Smart Valve operates over AT&T cellular networks (includes T-Mobile) in the US. International versions are also available.


The SET Remote Smart Valve is offered in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch up to 2 inches to meet a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Valve Operations

Valve positions – which include open, closed and reduced flow – may be controlled remotely from the SET Software Solution. The valve may also be configured for full meter reading and data transmission capabilities, eliminating the need for a discreet endpoint.
Utility Benefits

By implementing smart shut-off valves, utility staff can remotely control the flow of water to customers from the convenience and safety of their office, freeing field staff time and driving down operational costs. In addition, remote controlled shut-off valves create the opportunity to offer pre-paid water services that automatically shut off when a customer has used up their allocation of purchased water.


This allows for increased flexibility on how customers purchase water services, helps manage unauthorized use in areas of frequent turnover (college towns, for example), and allows utility staff to focus on more urgent, higher priority maintenance activities.

Customer Benefits

The availability of a remote shut-off valve has tremendous value to end customers as well. End-users can remotely schedule water service shut-off when they will be traveling or on vacation. This avoids unauthorized water use or accidental leaks when no one is available to monitor water use.


Alternatively, customers can remotely enable water services for winter vacation homes to avoid pipe freezing or automatically shut-off water if pipes inadvertently burst. This not only helps protect property from costly water damage, but it also increases customer satisfaction of their water services.


In the event of a shut-off due to delinquent payment, customers can have service quickly reinstated after making their account current. Customers also receive a text communication notifying them that water service is slated to resume and to turn off any open faucets or valves in their homes to avoid flooding events.

For more detailed technical information on the SET Remote Smart Valve, download our product data sheet.

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