Meter-Neutral Data Acquisition and Transmission

SET AMI Endpoints are innovative two-way radios that operate over existing cellular networks, providing water utilities with meter reading data, and with multiple read and transmit options.
SET AMI Endpoints operate over AT&T cellular networks (includes T-Mobile) for US territories and can operate on both networks within a given service territory. International versions are also available.
The connectivity required for an AMI Endpoint to function is far less than the average cell phone requires. SET specializes in testing traditionally "hard-to-read" areas. Cellular boosters for your AMI Endpoints are available for even greater data acquisition flexibility depending on the type of smart network deployed in your city or utility service territory.

Installation and Set-Up

SET AMI Endpoints are shipped with the cellular radio powered Off and with the installed Bluetooth radio powered On. Once the endpoint is connected to your water meter, the installer will connect to the endpoint using any Bluetooth enabled smartphone running the SET Field Mobile app.


After successfully logging into the mobile app the installer can then activate the cellular installation, enter notes, assign utility premise/location ID, enter initial meter reading, final meter reading if replacing an existing meter, the old and new meter IDs, and immediately confirm cellular signal strength before leaving the site.


The endpoint can be wired to an encoded output water meter. The endpoint then captures all readings and status information from the meter. The endpoint transmits data at configurable intervals, which can be remotely programmed from the SET MDMS cloud-based data management platform or the free SET Field Mobile application.


All SET AMI Endpoints are feature rich communication modules that meet the needs of nearly any remote data acquisition situation in a wide variety of topographical and hydrologic environments.

X231 Network Communications

Two-way LTE-M Cellular and Bluetooth 5.0


SET AMI Endpoints operate on a D cell battery. The high-density polycarbonate enclosure construction uses a fully encapsulated epoxy resin to ensure the battery and all internal electronics are protected against moisture and vibration.

Meter Connections

AMI Endpoints can be connected to any encoded output meter using a three-wire connector. Most three-wire connectors are supported and can be pre-configured during manufacturing with your connector of choice. If no connector is needed, Endpoints can be shipped with open wire leads for gel-cap or other preferred connection options.


SET AMI Endpoints can be installed in meter pits, attached to walls, or any environment where cellular signal is available. The installer can determine network availability in the chosen area and while onsite using the SET Field Mobile app.

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