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SET is proud to partner with the world’s best water meter manufacturers to bring the benefits of smart water technology to cities around the world. SETflow cellular Endpoints and Smart Valves integrate seamlessly with the water meters produced by our partners, enabling wireless meter reading and remote valve control. The SETflow Enterprise Cloud and SETflow mobile data analytics platform unlocks the power of meter data and provides even greater value to existing hardware investments.

Itron is a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water. We provide comprehensive solutions that measure, manage and analyze energy and water. Our broad product portfolio includes electricity, gas, water and thermal energy measurement devices and control technology; communications systems; software; as well as managed and consulting services. With thousands of employees supporting nearly 8,000 customers in more than 100 countries, Itron applies knowledge and technology to better manage energy and water resources. Together, we can create a more resourceful world.
Master Meter, Inc. is a Texas-based primary manufacturer of precise measurement and advanced meter infrastructure solutions for the water utility industry designed to help utilities run more efficiently. Better serve customers, capture more revenue and proactively combat resource loss from leaks, theft and meter malfunction with our completely integrated measure/collect/manage solution. For over 30 years the Company has provided leadership in product innovation to the water works industry and established new benchmarks for peer performance.
Kamstrup serves energy companies, utilities and the submetering business around the world with innovative metering solutions for electricity, heat, cooling and water. Kamstrup offers total multi-utility solutions based on a broad product range from meters to data analysis. The broad offer of hardware, software and services enable us to fulfill all needs regarding metering of energy and water. The full product range includes consumption meters, meter communication infrastructure, meter data management systems, Smart Grid applications, hosted solutions, operation and meter data analyses.
Diehl Metering provides smart metering solutions to utilities companies through the intelligent networking of various metering devices into larger data platforms. These solutions offer transparency for utilities and municipalities, and enable considerably increased efficiency in reading, billing and service processes. Diehl Metering’s customers are also able to benefit from real-time effects such as early recognition of leaks and the optimization of distribution networks through intelligent information regarding prompt adjustment of the offer to suit actual needs.