Sustainable Efficiency. Future Ready.

Then: Archive photo of original SET production facility.
Now: State of the art production at new SET ISO rated facility.

SET is the premiere global provider of environmentally sustainable utility management solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities. We provide highly resilient and secure, public, and private LTE/5G standards-based advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that are meter-neutral. All with a multi-vendor supported Head End System (HES). SET is leading the way with groundbreaking solutions such as solar powered endpoints, expanded data capacity, secure battery life, and industry leading scalability for software systems. SET is the largest provider of DER data and control services, providing measurement, command and control of varied DER products and vendors with no meter dependency.


Establishing a legacy of innovation, SET developed the world’s first cellular smart water valve and quickly became a leader in AMI solutions for the water industry. Purchased by CrescoNet in 2021, SET was named as the brand for CrescoNet’s electric and gas solutions as well. SET and CrescoNet are both well-funded through Brookfield and Pacific Equity Partners who are committed to economic, sustainable, and environmental advancement in energy, water, and waste management across the globe.


With global headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, and our manufacturing facility in Atlanta, GA, SET experts have backgrounds that cover the water industry from nearly every angle – ranging from installation to product knowledge, administration and policy development, meter-to-cash business experience, quality control and supply chain management. SET’s agility ensures ambitious, creative AMI solutions responsive to the daily challenges of running a utility and providing a safe, reliable, supply for electric, gas, and water.

The SET Difference

What SETs us apart (pun intended) is our focus on quality and innovation, and our ability to bring together all the different elements of a smart system into a stable, scalable, and sustainable solution. Our award-winning technology continues to make waves in the industry, and we look forward to working with your utility to deploy sustainable, future ready electric, gas, and water solutions.