The Future of Water Utility Management

SET is the water industry’s only provider of complete meter data acquisition and management solutions. We offer remote shut-off valves, cellular AMI endpoints, and integrated meter data management with a customer portal, and field mobile application. Our technology enables water utilities to use ANY existing water meter to take advantage of our rich data analytics and customer engagement platform.


SET has also developed the world’s first cellular smart water valve. This means your utility doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel and invest in proprietary wireless infrastructure to support a smart water system. You can get all the cost and efficiency benefits of smart metering using existing wireless telephone networks. That just makes sense.

The SET Difference

What SETs us apart (pun intended) is our focus on quality and innovation, and our ability to bring together all the different elements of a smart water system into a single platform. Our award-winning technology continues to make waves in the industry, and we look forward to working with your utility to realize the future of water management.